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Raise capital for your business 

You need money to grow your business. After all, to get ahead you often need to invest. This can be in technology, product development or people. But how can you raise capital for your business? Fortunately, there are several options. By comparing them, you can see exactly which one is best for your business. 


Formal investment round – You can open a formal investment round to fund your next plans. Here – under agreed investment terms – investors get the chance to invest in your business. Often you will also get a share of entrepreneurial skills from an investor. An investor’s advice and experience can help you grow further. Problem is, however, that an investor often does expect them to have a certain amount of control. So this is not the best way to get capital if you don’t want to lose control within your business.  


Business credit – A business credit is flexible. You have constant access to a certain amount of money. It is up to you when you withdraw (part of) the money. You only have to pay interest on the amount withdrawn. The credit remains available once you have repaid all or part of it. In this way you can always be sure that you have money available when you need it.  


Crowdfunding – In crowdfunding you literally get money from the “masses. This can be people or customers who want to support your initiative. For example, because they believe in your company or because you make (or want to make) a product that they want to use in the future. You can quickly raise a large amount of money with crowdfunding. The question is, however, whether there is enough interest to increase your capital.  


Factoring – The customer has to pay you when you have delivered a service or a product. However, sometimes you have to wait weeks or months before you actually have the money in your account. With factoring, however, you get paid that amount right away. In this way you can invest the money you actually still need to receive in your business immediately.  


Borrowing money – Of course you can also borrow money as capital. This can be done at a bank, but can also be done in other ways. Nowadays, you can also arrange business financing very easily online. Filling out these applications takes only minutes and you will know very quickly what the options are. 




The conclusion about capital 

The word ‘capital’ has a number of meanings, depending on the context in which it is currently used. On a company’s balance sheet, capital is money that is available for immediate use, either to maintain day-to-day operations or to launch a new initiative. It can be defined on the balance sheet.  


When a company defines its total capital assets, it usually includes all of its assets that have a monetary value, such as equipment and real estate. Should you not have enough capital to pay for day-to-day operations or to grow, it is always possible to raise working capital from an outside source. 



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