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Microsoft Volume Licensing

Microsoft Volume Licensing

What does it mean? Microsoft Volume Licensing is a service presented by Microsoft for business that need several licenses, but not the full packaged product (FPP). Of course there are several specific advantage of this, including:

  • a lower price per installation  
  • product use rights
  • 2 or 3 year license agreements

Product use right can for example mean that you are allowed to duplicate the software to use on multiple devices or computers at the same time.  

What to consider before buying Microsoft volume licensing

It is recommended to think about three general aspects before making a purchase. These include:

  • Type of business
  • Size of the business
  • Desired products
  • Purpose of the products

There might of course be some industries that wish a more adapted program to meet their wishes like universities or schools, municipalities and government or manufacturing agencies.  

Generally, a volume license key places boundaries on the user company to an established number of installations. This usually also means keeping track of the amount of installations, staying confidential, and perhaps even demanding that the user company will undertake a software licensing audit to make sure that they are being compliant as they should be.  

In the case that volume license key is recognized outside the user company, charges of software piracy may be pursued. For this reason, transfer of VLK’s between companies is actually not permitted. These kind of transfers are only admissible when the new owner is also formally registered with Microsoft.   

How to choose a licensing program

Microsoft offers a variety of licensing programs. It is understandable that it can seem very overwhelming at first so make a choice. But in the end, you will find out that that are only a few aspects you should think of. Having these aspects in mind, choosing the right program for your business will not be so hard anymore. The main thing to worry about is to make application deployment easy and to make costs related to software acquisition less.