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Find property listings and houses on real estate Aruba

Are you looking for a piece of land or an entire house in Aruba? There is plenty to see on the island and that sometimes makes it difficult to find what you are looking for. There are several options for finding a house or land, but the easiest way is often to hire a real estate agent. Together with real estate Aruba you can start looking for your dream home or location. 

What can real estate Aruba do for me?

Real estate Aruba is a real estate agency that focuses primarily on finding your perfect home, land or commercials. It can be quite difficult to find a house or estate via the internet, the real estate agency often has many connections that they can use to qualify with the owner of the piece of estate. When you contact them and tell them what your dreams and wishes are, they can get started for you!

What does a house in Aruba cost?

Houses in Aruba can differ in price just like many other countries. The price can vary depending on the wishes of the house. For example, a house that is completely finished and already furnished can cost more than buying a piece of land and having it built yourself. For example, you can buy a turnkey house for about $250,000. House prices on the island can even reach 5 million. If you prefer to buy an empty piece of land and want to have your house built yourself, this can make a big difference in price. A piece of land of approximately 400 m2 costs an average of 50,000 euros. If you know people in the construction industry, you can of course have the house built for a cheaper price and you will win more money with this.