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Digital Transformation And Businesses Today

The digital transformation is creating a competitive advantage for forward-thinking companies that are ready to engage in continuous innovation. Businesses can now connect with customers and prospects on the channels they prefer, at the moment of truth, using applications and tools that are aligned with their goals.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is a philosophy that focuses on how to engage your current customers and win new ones, while overcoming gaps and bottlenecks in your business processes to enhance customer service and satisfaction. This means that it will be able to provide new services, maintain and grow its customer base and sales. The goal of digital transformation is to automate many business processes and enhance customer service. For example, a business will want to take advantage of new digital technologies such as IoT, cloud-based apps, and connected smart devices to improve customer experience, improve inventory management and reduce cost. How will digital transformation impact businesses in 2021?

How are business using digital transformation to get ahead of their competitors?

Utilizing the best digital technology in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and 3D printing are becoming integral components of the operations of many leading businesses. In fact, the technological change is enabling companies to get a leg up on their rivals, so you may want to consider implementing some or all of the digital transformation strategies above, as part of your growth strategy.

Digital transformation and the customer experience

Digital transformation isn’t new. There’s always been a digital divide between enterprise and consumer technology, however, it is about to reach a tipping point that will unlock new, revenue-generating opportunities for businesses. Research by Gartner predicts that, by 2021, 86 percent of digital business initiatives will be supported by “digital transformation initiatives.” This will pave the way for digital transformation to become mainstream. Companies will work to empower employees with the right capabilities to create personalized customer experiences through digital applications and connected devices.

Digital transformation and marketing

The power of marketing today is allowing marketing departments to work alongside the technology teams to orchestrate all these diverse technologies to create unified strategies that capitalize on these opportunities. Using a mobile marketing automation platform that includes an in-house set of tools for email, SMS and web chat can help businesses connect with prospects on the right channels and drive results. Use these smart tools to improve your customer experience, grow your revenue and stay ahead of the competition.


It has never been easier for companies to take advantage of the power of digital to improve internal processes, connect with customers, measure and respond to customer needs, and access the vast information that supports their operations. Regardless of what industry you work in, there is no doubt that digital transformation will continue to create growth and innovation in the years ahead.