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A tattoo in Dubai

Dubai is known for having a significant number of foreigners and expats residing in the city. In fact, the population of Dubai is largely made up of expatriates. It has become a popular destination for people from various countries seeking job opportunities, business ventures, and a high standard of living.

High quality, strict hygiene rules And if you are looking for a high-quality tattoo, you don’t have to look far in Dubai. Tattoo Studio Yolanda is renowned. Quality tattoos, talented tattoo artists and adherence to strict hygiene rules.

These measures are important to minimize the risk of infections and spread of diseases. Here are some important hygiene guidelines that the tattoo shop follows

  1. Sterilization and disinfection: All equipment and tools that come into direct contact with customers, such as tattoo needles, ink guns and other reusable materials, should be thoroughly sterilized and disinfected. An autoclave is a commonly used device for sterilization in tattoo shops.
  2. Disposable materials: Many materials should be discarded after single use to avoid cross-contamination. This includes disposable gloves, ink cups, plastic film for tattoo beds and disposable spatulas.
  3. Hand hygiene: All tattooists and staff should thoroughly wash and disinfect their hands with hand disinfectant before working on a client.
  4. Clean work area: The work area should be clean and organized. The surface of the tattoo chair or table should be covered with clean, disposable plastic film and replaced after each client.
  5. Personal protective equipment (PPE): Tattooists should always wear disposable gloves when tattooing clients. Any other PPE required, such as aprons or face masks, should also be used.
  6. Training and certification: Tattooists and staff should be properly trained in hygiene practices and work according to applicable health and safety standards.


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Permanent make-up Besides tattoos, you can also go to the studio for PMU. PMU is short for “Permanent Make-up.” It is a cosmetic technique in which special pigments are inserted into the upper layers of the skin to create the appearance of make-up that lasts for a long time. This includes enhancing eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and other parts of the face. PMU is performed by a trained professional using special equipment, such as a tattoo machine. The aim is to achieve a natural and long-lasting make-up look without daily application. It is popular with people who want to save time and have a consistently groomed look.